Sunday 5 December 2010

EAS message of support for student actions and occupations

Staff and postgraduate students from the English and American Studies in Manchester wish to convey their support for the occupation of the Roscoe Building and the ongoing student-led actions around the country in protest at the government’s wilful vandalising of the Higher Education sector.

The undersigned believe that the ending of government funding for the teaching of the Humanities and Social Sciences will alter the very nature of Higher Education. Cutting funding to the arts, humanities and social sciences undervalues the contributions of these subject areas to the economy, culture, and society of the UK (and the world).

The proposed measures will commercialise and commodify HE in a way that is quite at odds with free expression and the teaching of independent thought.

Putting the burden of funding onto students by the massive raising of tuition fees will be socially divisive and will lead to greater social inequality. The ending of the EMA scheme and the closure of AimHigher will ensure that those from poorer backgrounds will be excluded further.

We therefore support our students in their resistance to these regressive and unfair cuts.

Anke Bernau
Geoffrey Ryman
Robert Mitchell
James Smith
Noelle Gallagher
Humaira Saeed
Jerome de Groot
Michael Sanders
Benjamin Ware
Laura Doan
Liam Haydon
David Brown
Muzna Rahman
Carolyn Broomhead
Rebecca Pohl
Jade Munslow Ong
Irene Huhulea
Kaye Mitchell
Liam Harte
Iain Bailey
Robert Spencer
Geoff Ryman
Eithne Quinn
Howard Booth
Henry Thompson
Hal Gladfelder
Letizia Alterno
David Matthews
Jennie Chapman
Carys Crossen
David Alderson
Michael Bibler
Brian Ward
Andrew Frayn
Patricia Duncker
Jackie Pearson
Monica Pearl

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