Friday 23 December 2011

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to all involved in EAS - staff, students, postgraduates, PSS, librarians, archivists, computer folk - have a great time over the festive period!

Thursday 22 December 2011

talk by Arthur O. Lovejoy

The Liverpool Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies is delighted to invite you to a special guest lecture by Richard L. Kagan, Arthur O. Lovejoy Professor of History, Johns Hopkins University:

"Policia and the Plaza: Utopia and Dystopia in the Colonial City"

The Spanish American colonial city is often distinguished by its central plaza or  square. These spaces still serve as the focus of urban life. But how did they come into existence? What purposes did they serve? Using maps and city views dating from the colonial era, this lecture explores the various meanings attached to the plaza, the differing ways they were used, together with their representation in both literature and art of the colonial era. 

The lecture will take place on Tuesday, 24 January 2012, and start at 5.15pm in the Boardroom (no.104), Department of History, 9 Abercromby Square, University of Liverpool, L697 WZ. Refreshments will be available beforehand.

The lecture is free to all, but it would be a great help if we were able to gauge numbers. Please, be so kind as to notify the convenor if you intend to attend Professor Kagan’s lecture:

Tuesday 20 December 2011

24:7 Festival

Calling All Script Writers!

Want the chance to get your theatre script produced and performed? The
24:7 Theatre Festival is looking for new material from both beginners and experienced writers to create 10 plays for any audience and 1 specifically for a family audience, each of up to an hour in length. 

Entry to the festival opens on 1st December and closes on 9th January 2012.

24:7 Theatre Festival provides a stepping stone for those with talent in playwriting. The Festival aims to help the writer to get their script produced, providing invaluable experience and exposure.
The chosen scripts will be performed in a non-theatre space from 20th
- 27th July 2012. 24:7 aims to empower the writer to self-produce their own work, whilst giving as much support as is needed. Whilst this may seem daunting it does work! New writers needn't be intimidated as there are always first time writers participating every year - we aim to help make your dreams come true, so give it a chance!

How it Works
We have an assessment process to find the most suitable scripts that we can then promote in our format. In Stage 1, the first 10 pages of the scripts entered are read by a panel from the theatre and literature world.
The chosen scripts for Stage 2 will then be read in full by two different readers. Their critique  enables us to shortlist the scripts, all of which are then read by another panel of leading professionals who decide on the final invitation list.
Invitations are made in early April, and every writer who submitted a piece of work will receive feedback from those who read their script.

Entry Fees and Other Costs
24:7 Theatre Festival has limited funding and relies heavily on volunteers to keep the ball rolling so we can continue to help writers find the spotlight. As a result, there is an entry fee of £30 for hard copies posted, and £27 for those submitted online.
This fee helps us to cover costs of managing the application process as all of our public funding is currently tied into the production of the festival itself.
As well as having your script critiqued as part of the submission process, you will also be a 2012 Festival Friend and be entitled to all the benefits of this new scheme (launching June 2012) which includes 1 free place at a Masterclass with the Festival Programme.
Writers who succeed in getting their script through to participate in the Festival must pay a participation fee of £299.
Please note that we guarantee you will make at least this money back from your ticket sales.
This fee gets you six performance slots in a venue with all the basic equipment and staff available, plus support from the Festival team. 
Writers will also be responsible for the costs of their production.
Simplicity is the key to keeping costs down, so let the text and actors do the work!

This exciting opportunity is open to everyone. If you are interested in finding out more, go to:

Monday 19 December 2011

Sexuality Summer School 2012: 'Homophobia and Other Aversions'

Sexuality Summer School 2012: 'Homophobia and Other Aversions'

22nd - 25th May 2012
Confirmed Speakers: Ann Cvetkovitch, Mary Capello and Lois Weaver

The Sexuality Summer School has been held annually by the CSSC since 2008. The Sexuality Summer School is coordinated by the Centre for the Study of Sexuality and Culture (CSSC) and the Research Insitute for Cosmopolitan Cultures (RICC).

The Summer School is an annual event intended for postgraduates and researchers working in the broadly defined area of sexuality studies. The Summer School addresses current debates within queer studies, emphasising in particular its implication for the interdisciplinary study of culture. It offers an opportunity for students to discuss queer debates with researchers in the CSSC as well as international scholars brought in for the event. Applications welcome from Doctoral and Masters' level students from any university.

Registration for the 2012 Summer School: Homophobia and Other Aversions will go live on the University of Manchester's e-store page on March 1st 2012.

For information about previous years of the summer school see:

More information about the 2012 summer school will be posted on this website and on the facebook page so keep checking for updates. For any more information please email the postgraduate assistant Clara Bradbury - Rance on