Tuesday 25 September 2012

EAC Research Seminar

Hello to all EAC postgraduates, new and returning.


This is a note to tell you that the department’s Research Seminar will begin again this Wednesday 26th September. It begins at 5pm, and will be held in Samuel Alexander A113.


The purpose of the seminar is to give academic staff from within the department and from elsewhere to present new research among colleagues: to showcase work and crash test ideas. All postgraduate students, MA and PhD, are warmly invited. It’s generally a social occasion as well as an important part of the department’s research; we take the speaker for drinks as a thank you, and encourage people to come and meet and chat.


This week: Howard Booth (Manchester), ‘John Addington Symonds, Venice and the gaze’ | Samuel Alexander A113 | 5pm


'Exploring John Addington Symonds (1840-1893) – the cultural critic, poet and early writer on homosexuality - as a transitional figure between late Victorian writing and the Modern, this paper focuses on Symonds’s response to Venice. (HB will discuss a number of poems and images – in short, you don’t have to have read any Symonds!)'


Look forward to seeing you there!


Iain Bailey


Tuesday 18 September 2012

Student Reps needed!

Would you like to be a student rep in 2012-13? Volunteers needed!

Why is being a student representative important? Well, you get to be a mediator, a point of contact between your fellow students and the staff who teach you. You can communicate the vital viewpoints and express the concerns of your year group directly to a member of staff (me) and, by extension, to the whole department. Matters arising from the Staff Student Liaison Committee are reported and discussed at our regular staff meeting, and student reps are entitled to attend part of this meeting and participate in these important discussions. In addition, as a rep, you can contribute to the continuing development of the degree programme, helping us to assess the needs of students at a crucial moment in the history of higher education in general (and the humanities in particular), and a very interesting moment in the development of our discipline. You can also, of course, add to and embellish your CV (which is surely a good thing?), meet other students, and get your voice heard.

What is required of a student rep? Only that you make a genuine and concerted effort to solicit and represent the views of your fellow students and that you attend two Staff Student Liaison Committee meetings per semester. The dates of this year's meetings are as follows:

Wednesday 3rd October, 1.30pm
Wednesday 16th January, 1.30pm
Wednesday 13th March, 1.30pm
Wednesday 1st May, 1.30pm

So, whether you are a first, second or third year student, please consider volunteering to be a rep and drop me an email at to add your name to the list.

Monday 17 September 2012

Graduate School - first event, this Friday, all welcome

Arts, Languages and Cultures Graduate School first event, International Anthony Burgess Centre, 3 Cambridge St, 21 September, 6.30-8

What can the Graduate School do for you?

An opening event about the possibilities that graduate study in the Arts and Languages at Manchester opens up


Arrival, networking

Wine and bacon/ egg sandwiches

Welcome, introduction

Jerome de Groot (Head of Graduate School)


Recent PG students discuss their experiences and current positions


Keynote: Kristin Hussey (Collections Information Officer, The Science Museum, London)


Round-table discussion/ Q&A chaired by Jim Randall (The Big Art People)

Jenny Oakenfell (Charity manager at Nexus Art Café)

Kate Ash (Currently Undergraduate Recruitment & Widening Participation Co-Ordinator, Directorate for Student Experience, University of Manchester)

Hannah Priest (currently Honorary Research Fellow and Research Assistant (University of Manchester); Researcher (Liverpool John Moores University); Editor/Project Leader (Hic Dragones)


Recent PG students perform their work

David Onac (Music, a recording will be played)

JT Welsch (Lecturer in Creative Writing and Literature, York St. John, reading)

8.00 close

CIDRAL events this year

CIDRAL 2012-3
Annual Theme: Public Intellectuals
All lectures 5-7pm in John Casken Lecture Theatre (unless stated otherwise).
Martin Harris Arts Centre, The University of Manchester, Oxford Road M13 9PL.

Tuesday 13 November            Professor Thomas Elsaesser
                                                (University of Amsterdam/IKKM Weimar)
                                                “How to Create a Public Intellectual, Posthumously”
                                                SALC Launch: Closing Event

Thursday 15 November          Dr Katherine O’Donnell (University College Dublin)
                                                in conversation with Dr Eleanor Casella (Arch., SALC)
                                                “Ireland's Magdalene Laundry System
                                                1922-1996: Sin and the Public Sphere”
                                                Event starts at 6pm

Tuesday 27 November            Dr Michael Mack (University of Durham)
                                                “Revisiting the Two Cultures Debate:
                                                Affect, Economics and Science”

Tuesday 5 February                Professor Ranjana Khanna (Duke University)
                                                and Professor Carol Mavor (AHVS)
                                                In conversation on Franz Fanon

Tuesday 12 February              Professor Ruth Wodak (Lancaster University)
                                                “The New Language of Politics?”
                                                CIDRAL with LEL

Wednesday 20 February         Professor Vijay Mishra
                                                (Oxford University and Murdoch University, Australia)
                                                "In the Salman Rushdie Archive"
                                                CIDRAL with EAS and Drama
                                                This event starts at 6pm
Monday 25 February              Susie Orbach in conversation (tbc)

Tuesday 5 March                    Professor Susan Bassnett FRSL
                                                (University of Warwick)
                                                “Translating Today’s World”

Thursday 14 March                 Symposium: The History of the Public Intellectual
                                                Organised by Professor Stuart Jones (History)

Monday 18 March                  Professor Michael Lambek (University of Toronto)
                                                “Continuous and Discontinuous Persons:
                                                Reflections on Ethical Life”
                                                CIDRAL with Anthropology

Friday 22 March                     Music and Public Engagement in Manchester
                                                CIDRAL with ICP

Tuesday 23 April                    Dr Margaret Reynolds (Queen Mary)
                                                “Poetry and People: The Real Language
                                                of Men (and Woman and Children)”

Monday 10 June                     Professor Lauren Berlant (University of Chicago)
                                                in conversation with David Alderson (EAS) and others,
                                                on Cruel Optimism (2011) and Public Feelings Project

Masterclasses will normally be held with speakers on the day after these events (see website for details). In addition, we are pleased to announce a new initiative on theory for all postgraduates and academic staff:

CIDRAL Theory Intensives 2012-13

Wednesday 21 Nov: 2-4pm                Dr David Alderson (EAS)
                                                            On Herbert Marcuse

Wednesday 28 Nov: 10-12pm            Dr Michael Mack
                                                            (University of Durham)
                                                            On Hannah Arendt

Wednesday 5 Dec: 4-6pm                  Professor Vicki Kirby (UNSW, Australia)
                                                            and Professor Joanna Hodge (MMU)
                                                            On Derrida and Technicity

Tuesday 5 Feb: 5-7pm                        Professor Ranjana Khanna (Duke University)
                                                            and Professor Carol Mavor (AHVS)
                                                            On Franz Fanon

Wednesday 6 March: 2-4pm               Professor Jeremy Tambling (EAS)
                                                            On Melanie Klein

The next CIDRAL Book launch will take place on Tuesday 11 December at 5.30pm at Blackwell Bookshop.

For more information
Follow us on twitter: @cidral_uom

Welcome back!!!

Welcome back everyone, and, particularly, hello to our new First years.....