Tuesday 18 September 2012

Student Reps needed!

Would you like to be a student rep in 2012-13? Volunteers needed!

Why is being a student representative important? Well, you get to be a mediator, a point of contact between your fellow students and the staff who teach you. You can communicate the vital viewpoints and express the concerns of your year group directly to a member of staff (me) and, by extension, to the whole department. Matters arising from the Staff Student Liaison Committee are reported and discussed at our regular staff meeting, and student reps are entitled to attend part of this meeting and participate in these important discussions. In addition, as a rep, you can contribute to the continuing development of the degree programme, helping us to assess the needs of students at a crucial moment in the history of higher education in general (and the humanities in particular), and a very interesting moment in the development of our discipline. You can also, of course, add to and embellish your CV (which is surely a good thing?), meet other students, and get your voice heard.

What is required of a student rep? Only that you make a genuine and concerted effort to solicit and represent the views of your fellow students and that you attend two Staff Student Liaison Committee meetings per semester. The dates of this year's meetings are as follows:

Wednesday 3rd October, 1.30pm
Wednesday 16th January, 1.30pm
Wednesday 13th March, 1.30pm
Wednesday 1st May, 1.30pm

So, whether you are a first, second or third year student, please consider volunteering to be a rep and drop me an email at to add your name to the list.

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