Wednesday 12 January 2011

Responses to Student Feedback - Milton (Jerome de Groot)

ENGL30541 Milton

I am really pleased with the feedback for this course, which has changed slightly this year, and it seems the students enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed teaching it (‘Most thought provoking and interesting course this semester’). The students liked my approach (‘Teaching style which encouraged excellent discussion) but also directed their own learning which was very satisfying for them.

The students who responded were very keen on the feedback that had been offered on formative piece throughout the term. ‘Definitely the best module for feedback’ said one student. In particular they were asked to feed back on the work of their peers, and this was seen to be valuable and innovative.

The presentations were seen to be useful, and the web resources were excellent. The students enjoyed the time in the John Rylands Special Collection, working on primary materials and engaging in real research (‘New interest in working with original texts’). The choice of the course – for essays, research, presentation and class work – was seen to be a virtue. The course was challenging and stimulating (‘Significantly improved close-reading abilities’;

The fact that the class was taught in a small group was praised, as was the Milton Reading Group (‘should be made compulsory’). Many respondents thought we should have more time on Paradise Lost – I will try to work out how to do this next year.

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