Tuesday 12 April 2011

Course Unit Selection 2011-12: some important issues (L2 and L3)

This information is general, you should consult the email you received from Simon Cummins which has an in-depth guide and information specific to your degree and level.

·        You are not signing up to courses; you are telling us these are the courses you would like to do.
·         You must give a ranking to all the courses you choose, ‘1’ being the course you most want to take.
·         You are not making separate ranking lists by list, semester, or subject area.  You are producing one ranking list for the whole year irrespective of the number of subject areas you are studying. The ranking is used to determine the allocation of places on courses. There is no first-come, first-served allocation of places for any subject area within the School of Arts, Histories and Cultures.
·         You must choose a reserve course for each ranked course, but do not rank the reserve courses.  If it becomes necessary to give you a reserve choice, you will be contacted beforehand about this.
·         You can view course descriptions for all EAS courses being offered for 2011-12 by going to  The list is currently being updated, but the full list will be available to view from 26 April.  All Schools in the Faculty of Humanities will also have their final list of course offerings on the database by 26 April.
·         Be aware that any timetable information contained in the course descriptions is provisional.  It’s unlikely that lecture times will change, but it may be necessary to change seminar times.
·         My Planner will be available for course selection from 04-09 May.  You may go into My Planner as many times as you wish during that period to select courses, and then make any changes to your selections
·        If you decide you wish to take a free-choice course, you must have the permission of the Programme Director, Dr Rawes.
·         If you make selections before 04 May, and changes to your selections after 09 May, these will not be used in determining the allocation of places on courses.
·         You can check for course unit selection updates from mid-April.
·         You will be able to see which courses you will be taking next year by accessing your Self-Service account from 19 July.

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