Wednesday 4 May 2011

Feedback on Modules

EAS wants your feedback on our teaching, course design, assessment procedures and library resources

We collect feedback in two different ways, for particular purposes:

1. You will receive EAS-specific feedback forms in your classes this week or next, and we would urge you to take time to think about your responses. These are the forms that we use to calibrate our teaching and our provision in general, and our responses to your comments will be written up and posted online (like this). These forms are also very useful for any GTAs so we can monitor their teaching.

2. University questionnaires are available online for each module. These form part of the data used by the central university to adjudge the quality of teaching in the School.
The online questionnaires are here:

Your opinion counts! Complete your Course Unit Evaluation Questionnaires and have your say!

Remember, if you have specific concerns, you can also talk to your Academic Advisor, your Student Representative, the CUD of the course, the Undergraduate Programme Director (Dr. Alan Rawes), or the Union academic representative Mo Saqib.  

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