Tuesday 31 January 2012

Atelier - Culture and History' postgraduate workshop opportunity

We are looking for 7 PGR students from AHC to contribute to the pilot 'Atelier' workshop scheme, organised by Artsmethods in partnership with AHC and LLC (the scheme will be expanded in 2012-13 for the new School).

The pilot Atelier consists of two meetings of 2.5 hours each per semester, with clusters of students working together to establish and discuss common research interests around the theme of 'Culture and History'. If you would like to be involved please contact Jerome de Groot.

The sessions are projected to work in the following way:

A student or group presents and challenges a work by an invited speaker (one from Manchester, one from outside the University per semester), followed by Q&A. This has a methodological focus, and is followed by the speaker making a presentation of draft or unfinished work that has been circulated in advance. There is another discussion session, followed by a recapping and concluding remarks.

This structure is a rough idea - once the Atelier has been formed it is free to govern and constitute itself in terms of how it proceeds. There is a small budget associated with this initiative.

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