Friday 18 May 2012

Work experience in Stoke

SONS Records is a record label based in Stoke-On-Trent City Centre. It has been running for 7 years, In which time it has accrued 8 Indie Chart top ten singles.

If you'd like to have a look at our sites to get a better idea of the company then here are a couple of links -

Over the coming months we plan to put out a string of releases by our groups The Novellos and This Is Seb Clarke, and we'd like to offer the opportunity for students to come and help out with online promotion, and get some first hand experience of the industry.

The work experience is offered on an unpaid basis, but we are very flexible with hours (allowing one to fit us in where they can depending on lectures/work load etc). There's no fixed term - we tend to sign a two week rolling contract with students, and after those two weeks play it by ear depending on what they'd like to do. 

Its a great opportunity for students to gain an insight into how the music industry works, improve their communication skills, add to their CV and get a good reference.

All students are welcome, obviously Music and Business students may have the keenest interest, and as we'll be conferring with overseas markets then linguistics students who are bi-lingual would be fantastic too, as they'd have to opportunity to get involved with translating and interpreting.

The best way for a student to apply is to email me their contact details and CV to

Thanks for all your help on this

Mark Broome
Phone: 07902 923 062 / 01782 289 627

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