Wednesday 14 August 2013

Douglas R. Mason (1918-2013)

The English Literature, American Studies and Creative Writing department at the University of Manchester is sad to learn of the death earlier this month of Douglas Mason, who studied English and Psychology at Manchester. He may well have been the last connection with the pre-war English department, having begun his studies here in 1937. A close friend at this time was fellow-student Anthony Burgess (John Burgess Wilson), who wrote about him in his autobiographical Little Wilson and Big God (1987). After service in the army through the war, Douglas returned to Manchester to complete his degree, graduating in 1948. He became a teacher and headmaster and, in retirement, a local councillor. Having suffered a heart attack in his early forties he decided to write – the result was over forty published novels in the genres of science fiction and historical writing; he also wrote many short stories. The Head of Division, Dr David Matthews, has sent his condolences to Douglas Mason's son, John.

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