Wednesday 6 October 2010

Comments from External Examiners on EAS degrees

External examiners are experts in their fields appointed from Universities around the UK to provide oversight on our assessment procedures. The comments below come from the most recent set of reports:

'The BA course is excellent: fascinating, well-designed course, excellent full feedback, producing some work of a very high intellectual calibre'

'staff offer a wide range of innovative, challenging, and interesting modules [...] staff provide detailed, constructive feedback on the marking sheets for essays and examinations and the robustness of the internal moderation is well-documented'

'Feedback was detailed and constructive, and it was clear that staff were committed to and engaged in the intellectual development of the students [...] an excellent undergraduate programme which pushed students to engage with a range of different cultural forms'

'Excellent feedback on student essays, and a well-designed proforma to enable this. High levels of care and attention in marking'

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