Friday 29 October 2010

What are you reading? Jennifer Evans, Peer Mentor

At the moment it seems as if the work load for 3rd year is never ending and the amount of reading I have to do in a week certainly reduces my time allowed to spend on reading books for ‘pleasure’. However, it has recently been my 21st Birthday and my Aunty bought me the collection of books nominated for the Booker Shortlist, which, as you can imagine, I was extremely happy about! So, I have tried to start to read one of them, a few pages at a time, before I go to bed. The book is called Parrot and Olivier in America by Peter Carey. I don’t usually read Historical novels, however the cover of the book instantly grabbed me. It is the story of Olivier, the son of a French aristocrat who escaped the bloodbath of the French revolution and his servant Parrot who both travel to America to explore its notion of democracy. I have only read the first chapter so far of Olivier’s story but it already has me hooked. I think you need something that will take you away from your studies for a while, even if it is only a few pages before you go to bed!

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