Tuesday 1 February 2011

Samuel Beckett Auditions

This spring, The Unholy Mess will be putting on a production of Samuel Beckett's Endgame at Joshua Brooks in Manchester.

Come along and audition to be in this exciting independent production. No previous experience necessary, we are looking for enthusiastic, creative people with ideas to bring to the roles. We want to emphasise the play as a comedy, so actors should aim to draw out the pitch-black comedy in their auditions.

The roles:

Hamm: MALE. Protagonist. A blind tyrant, fallen from wealth and greatness, who is confined to a chair in the middle of the stage. He wavers from flashes of rage and brutality aimed at his parents Nagg and Nell and his servant Clov to simpering bouts of vulnerability.

Clov: MALE. Hamm’s beleaguered servant, Clov cannot sit down. He limps around the set, begrudgingly following Hamm’s orders. He repeatedly threatens to leave, but seems unable to do so; they are mutually reliant on each other in the waste-land they inhabit. He, like Hamm, seems to have lost his mind.

Nagg: MALE. Nagg is Hamm’s father and spends the entirety of the play in a metal bin because he has no legs. He reminisces mainly about the past and bemoans his current position.

Nell: FEMALE. Hamm’s mother. This is a small part. Nell, like Nagg, spends her time in a metal bin and has no legs. She is more morose than Nagg; whilst he spends his time trying to get her to remember when times were better, she cannot overcome her grief and dies.

Arrive any time from 5pm-7pm, extracts will be provided. Arrive early to avoid waiting. All the information (including the audition pieces) is on our blog at

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