Thursday 17 February 2011

Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey Results

The University has improved its score in this influential survey, rising from 52nd in the country to 33rd (out of 113 Higher Education Institutions in the UK).

This reflects the efforts made over the past years to improve the student experience, although there is still much work to do. The University as a whole scored 77.36 overall (number one was Loughborough University scoring 84.90). The University scored particularly well on questions relating to High Quality of Staff and Lecturers, Good Library, Good Campus Environment and Good Social Life. On a 7-point scale the average respondent scored 6.1 for 'I would recommend my University to a friend'.

Whilst such surveys are blunt instruments at analysing and gauging the student experience this does demonstrate that we have been striving to improve things over the past years, and have a set of plans in place to continue and sustain these changes.

Surveys like this and the upcoming National Student Survey are influential in encouraging applications from school and college students. They also affect the standing of the degree programme and the perception of the University nationally, and you should consider this when undertaking them.

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