Thursday 17 March 2011


If you are a Third Year student you are currently being asked to complete the National Student Survey online. This is an opportunity for you to reflect and comment on your time as a student in English and American Studies at the University of Manchester.

We hope that our students are appreciative of the education and support they receive at Manchester. Indeed, as you complete the survey, you might want to consider:
In last year’s NSS, 95% of our students said that staff were good at explaining things, 88% said that staff made the subject interesting, 97% said that staff were enthusiastic about what they teach, and a whopping 98% said that their course was intellectually stimulating. This gives an average of 95% - compared to a university average of 83%.

The survey only takes a few minutes, and this year, more than ever, it is absolutely vital that we have a high completion rate. The University sets great store by these tables, in a climate where all arts and humanities programmes are under enormous pressure to demonstrate their excellence and value. Your English and American Studies Department simply cannot afford not to have a healthy return from the NSS.

Please complete the NSS at

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