Thursday 7 July 2011

No Confidence?

I'm writing to ask you to sign our petition declaring NO CONFIDENCE in the government's policies in further, higher and adult education which you can do here Thousands have already added their names and it's especially important for younger members at the start of their careers that we build this campaign to make the government think again on post-school education. Please do sign this important petition and then circulate it to your colleagues, friends, family, Facebook and Twitter (anyone can sign regardless of whether they are a UCU member).

This is why Ed Granter of the UCU Young Members' Steering Group signed:

"I am signing the no confidence petition because I am concerned for the future of education in Britain. In an increasingly competitive global context, Britain is less able to compete in manufacturing but is still a world leader in education so it's clear that cuts to education risk undermining our competitive position.

In terms of social cohesion, or what is now referred to as 'the big society', everything possible should be done to widen access to education. Inequalities in access mean a waste of the intellectual talent that is the core of our economy.

Raising financial barriers to entry and cutting funding for already overstretched colleges and universities does not make sense in either social or economic terms, unless we take into account the existence of the government's (barely) hidden strategy to speed up privatization of the education sector along with health and welfare."

Please add your name to the petition and help defend post-school education:

Many thanks.


Ed Bailey

UCU National Organiser

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