Monday 20 February 2012

Why Marx Is Right

An invitation to a Book tour:
Why Marx Is Right
with literary theorist and critic Terry Eagleton, author of the book Why Marx Is Right
and Alex Callinicos, professor of European studies at King's College London

SWSS is organising a panel discussion with Terry Eagleton and Alex Callinicos on Terry Eagleton’s new book: Why Marx Was Right. The meeting will take place on Tuesday 28th February, 7pm, Leamington Lecture LG12, Samuel Alexander Building, University of Manchester.

Facebook event here:

Capitalism has not only been shaken to its roots by major economic crises but also by a new wave of revolutions, revolts and uprisings from the Arab world to Wall Street. Terry Eagleton’s tour on the release of the paperback version of Why Marx Was Right will take issue with the prejudice that Marxism is dead and done with. Alex Callinicos, author of The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx and leading member of the SWP, will lead of the discussion alongside Terry Eagleton.

The ideas of Karl Marx can help activists and revolutionaries today to analyse the systemic failures of capitalism, which create crisis, poverty and war, and its contradictions which bring strikes and revolution.

Marx understood that workers, forced to sell their labour power to survive, are also what makes the system work. When they discover that power for themselves, they can challenge capitalism at its heart and begin to lay the foundations for an alternative society based on the needs of the many, not the few.

Come to the Socialist Worker Student Society meeting as we discuss the ideas and questions, which will be central for all those who are fighting to change the world.

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