Monday 27 February 2012

Beyond the Campus: Filmmaking and Freelancing at Entry Level

Beyond the Campus: Filmmaking and Freelancing at Entry Level

Tuesday 28th, 6:30 - 8pm. Academy 2.

So you walk out of The University of Manchester with a degree in creative media, but what next? Do you dare go down the unknown path of 'The Freelancer' or do you start ringing round the first call centre jobs you see in the Metro? Are you now doomed to surrender to corporate work and commercials? Fear not, the friendly folks at Filmonik (Manchester based open mic screening night and seven-day filmmaking Kabaret) are here to give you some straight-talking advice about surviving as an emerging creative in this great city. Through this informal chat we hope to make you aware of the joys, opportunities and challenges of indie filmmaking, freelancing and being creative in the North West.

The event will include several screenings.
Speakers include: Steve Balshaw - Programme Manager for The Salford Film Festival &, Grimm Up North Horror Festival, Kate Murphy - Arts Council England, Chris Lane - Film Producer, Mat Johns - Film Director.

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