Friday 2 March 2012

EAS Research Lunch Schedule - Semester 2

EAS Research Lunch Schedule -  Semester 2

Meetings take place at 1pm on alternate Tuesdays

6th March  -  Joshua Gulam:

‘The Left’s Mr Right: an analysis of the philanthropic        Room: UP 3:205
work of George Clooney’   

20th March  -  Kinsey Robb:

 Title tbc                                                                                 Room: UP 3:205                                

17th April  -  Jude Riley:      

 ‘Cognitive Disability in the Southern Renaissance’
                                                                                               Room: UP 3:205

1st May  -  Jane Stedman:

‘Scotland in flux: space, gender and nation in                         Room: UP 3:205
contemporary Scottish fiction’          

15th May – Clara Bradbury-Rance:

‘Queering feminism in time and space’                                   Room: UP 3:212

29th May – Rosemary Deller:

‘Wearing your “meat” on your sleeve: from meat                  Room: UP 3:212
dresses to muscle-suits’

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