Thursday 21 February 2013

Become a Peer Mentor - volunteers needed!

Recruitment has now begun for the EAC Peer Mentoring scheme. Becoming a Peer Mentor is not only an impressive role to put on your CV, but it also gives you the chance to contribute to helping next year's first-year students manage the transition between college and university.

If you had a good experience of Peer Mentoring this year, please sign up and help to give others the experience that you had. Equally, if you felt there were things that could be improved within the scheme, this is your chance to make a difference. Attached is a leaflet explaining more about the role.

If you're interested in developing skills of communication and teamwork, and eager to improve the university experience for first-year students, then please email me at by Wednesday 27th February.

Please include your name and your student ID number.


Chloe Williamson
EAC Peer Mentoring Co-ordinator

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