Friday, 22 February 2013

EAC Research Seminars Spring 2013

All seminars are in A113 (Samuel Alexander Building) at 5 o’clock


Wednesday 27th February

Prof Jonathan Lamb, Vanderbilt University

‘Scorbutic Nostalgia and the Trials of Imagination’ 


Wednesday 6th March

Dr John Nash, Durham

‘“Talk, talk, talk”: Virginia Woolf and Ireland’ 


Wednesday 20th March

Prof. Simon Gikandi (John Edward Taylor Visiting Fellow), Princeton 

‘Race and the Problem of Modern Time’


Wednesday 17th April

Dr Ruth Ahnert, Queen Mary

‘Network analysis and the archives: Protestant letter networks in the reign of Mary I’


Wednesday 24th April

Brook Lecture

Prof. Helen Fulton, University of York


Wednesday 1st May

Dr Santanu Das, Kings College London

‘India, Empire and the First World War: Objects, Images, Words’


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