Monday 21 July 2014

AMER20111: Sports, Leisure, and Recreation in the Modern United States, 1880-2000

Suggested Reading List

AMER20111: Sports, Leisure, and Recreation in the Modern United States, 1880-2000


* Deidre Clemente, ‘Made in Miami: The Development of the Sportwear Industry in South Florida, 1900-1960,’ Journal of Social History 41 (Fall, 2007)

* Lawrence Culver, The Frontier of Leisure: Southern California and the Shaping of

Modern America (New York, 2012)

* Brian Ingrassia, The Rise of the Gridiron University: Higher Education’s Uneasy Alliance with Big-Time Football (Lawrence, KS, 2012)

* Bruce Kuklick, To Every Thing a Season: Shibe Park and Urban Philadelphia, 1909-1976 (Princeton, NJ, 1991).

* Kristin Matthews, ‘One Nation Over Coals: Cold War Nationalism and the Barbeque,’ American Studies 50 (Fall/ Winter, 2009): 5-34.

* Steven Riess, City Games: the Evolution of American Urban Society and the Rise of Sports (Urbana, IL, 1991)    

* Roy Rosenzweig, Eight Hours for What We Will: Workers and Leisure in an Industrial City (Cambridge, UK, 1983) 

* Theresa Rundstedtler, ‘White Anglo-Saxon Hopes and Black Americans’ Atlantic Dreams: Jack Johnson and the British Boxing Colour Bar,’ Journal of World History 21 (Dec., 2010): 657-89.

* Travis Vogan, Keepers of the Flame: NFL Films and the Rise of Sports Media (Urbana, IL, 2014)

* Jeff Wiltse, Contested Waters: A Social History of Swimming Pools in America (Chapel Hill, NC, 2007). 




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