Thursday 9 June 2011

Contemporary fiction at the Library (from ManchesterLitList)

Come and join us for the latest event in our series looking at issues in contemporary fiction.

Kevin Duffy founded BLUEMOOSE BOOKS in 2006 in direct response to "all the celebrity & formulaic publishing that was on offer in the High Street." Together with family & colleagues, he wanted to create a publishing business that concentrated on "stories that engage and inspire. The story is everything - no tricks, bells or whistles, just great stories beautifully told."

Kevin has strong views on mainstream publishing & bookselling, on the world of agents & promotions and how independent publishers & bookshops can survive at perhaps the most challenging time in their history - and he is not backward in expressing them! This evening's event will look at all these issues, with the help of 3 Bluemoose authors, all launching their debut novels.

Paul Cooper is an outsider. When he looks at people, he wonders what bird they are. He finds making friends difficult especially when he has to move from school to school, so he obsesses about ornithology - until he meets Ashley. Ashley is everything Paul isn't, tough & good-looking with so much street cred....
their friendship and the life-changing events that follow lead to a flight that makes national headlines for all the wrong reasons. Think 'Kes' meets 'Fight Club'.
Michael Stewart teaches Creative Writing at Huddersfield University and is Director of the Huddersfield Literature Festival.

"Michael Stewart is a fascinating new voice, & King Crow is a fine debut novel...modern fiction at its best." Melvin BURGESS

ANNA CHILVERS - Falling Through Clouds
Kat, a 22-year-old student returning home to Devon for the summer holidays, meets Gavin on the train. They spend the summer together but he has something on his mind. He is plagued with nightmares after having been held hostage in Iraq & she soon finds she is out of her depth. When he disappears, Kat & a friend, in trying to find out what's happened to him, uncover instead strange links & parallels to the old 'Sir Gawaine & the Green Knight' legend......

Anna Chilvers is the Reader Development Officer for Calderdale Libraries.
"Anna's prose is razor sharp, her dialogue pitch's a serious page-turner, moving & witty" Lesley GLAISTER

MARK A RADCLIFFE - Gabriel's Angel
Gabriel Bell is a grumpy 44-year-old journalist, irritated by the accompanying disappointments of life. If losing his job wasn't bad enough, getting run over and waking up to find himself in a therapy group run by angels REALLY annoys him. The group struggles with the therapy - if they do well, they may be allowed to return to Earth to complete their lives - if they don't, it's Hell or worse: lots more therapy.

Mark A Radcliffe's novel was voted Best First Novel by Guardian readers in their Book of the Year survey. "Gabriel's Angel is the perfect antidote to the glib platitudes of emotional quick-fix culture: tender, astute and very funny." Christopher BROOKMYRE

Thursday 9th June 6pm
Free, all welcome
Becker Room, First Floor,
City Library, Elliot House,
151 Deansgate

Come and enjoy what promises to be a most interesting (& possibly controversial!) evening.

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