Wednesday 22 June 2011

NUS briefing

Coming up next week:

30th June strike

On June 30th over 700,000 people will be taking direct action against the cuts.

Public sector workers will be taking to the streets across the country to picket and protest, to defend public services and strike for the alternative. This is the biggest day of action yet against the cuts. Join the Big Society Breakfast to support the people on the pickets.

The government are making everyone else pay for a crisis caused by the bankers. They’ve targeted students, pensioners, people with disabilities, the unemployed, NHS workers and patients, and now they are attacking teachers and other civil servants.

UK Uncut are used to sit-ins, now it’s time to stand up with the people going on strike and the trade unions who are challenging the government. There are alternatives to their cuts. Make the banks pay for the crisis they caused, and stop tax dodging by corporations and the rich.

Picket lines will form on the morning of the 30th. Choose one or more lines in your area (we'll have a map up soon), and list or join an action on the UK Uncut website. Join those on strike, bring them a mug of tea and a breakfast butty, and show them that we’re all in it together against the government. Make links with your local trade union branches and anti-cuts group to build a coalition against the government.

See you on the picket line!


No Confidence Petition

A national petition of no confidence in the Government's plans for Higher Education - This will be a way of highlighting the national anger at the Government's poorly thought-through and damaging plans for our Universities, whilst also providing a hub to showcase local actions in different institutions.

So please please spread the word about the website and the petition.

Amanda Walters
Campaigns Officer
University of Manchester Students' Union

T: 07787422385
Steve Biko Building,
Oxford Road,
M13 9PR

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