Friday 3 June 2011

Keep in touch over the summer

Summer may be around the corner, but EAS rarely takes a holiday, working 9-5 24/7 365 days a year. Even Christmas Day is a whole maelstrom of discourses, practices, texts and issues that need to be interpreted and thought through.

The EAS blog will have updates, news and information for all members of the EAS community from undergraduates to staff.

You are expected to spend a great deal of time reading in preparation for your courses in September. Preparatory reading lists for next year's Undergraduate courses will be listed here when completed:

Tweet to tet us know what you are up to - reading, researching, or sunbathing - via @EASManchester or - or add to the comments on the 'What Are You Reading?' posting.

Remember the main departmental contacts are these:

Alan Rawes, Undergraduate Programme Director,
Simon Cummins, Undergraduate Administrator,

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