Wednesday 2 November 2011

Poetry Olympics

'Poetry Olympics'

The pupils from St Mary's Moston competed in teams (named after British Olympic medallists and hopefuls such as Rebecca Adlington, James De Gale, Mo Farrah, Victoria Pendleton) in 3 events:

The 100m - where they had to compose a haiku in honour of Usain Bolt

The 400m hurdles - where they had to compose a 10 line rhyming poem (1 rhyme per hurdle) for their team's athlete

The Relay - where they had to collect individual lines from a poem and then reconstruct the poem in its entirety.

It was a hugely enjoyable event and if any other EAS students would like to be involved in this kind of work, they can contact me and I'll pass their details on.

Best wishes,

Dr Michael Sanders
Senior Lecturer in Victorian Literature

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