Monday 28 November 2011

Video Jam


Video Jam is an exciting new experiment in sound and moving image, inspired by the traditional use of live accompaniment to silent film. 

We are collecting together a range of experimental short films to be screened at a venue in Manchester at the end of January. Each film will be paired with a musician or group who, reacting to the visuals provided, will perform a live score. Musicians may be provided with the film in advance or, for the more ambitious, choose to improvise on the night - we are open to suggestions.

FILMMAKERS: Send in your films by 21st DECEMBER to be considered for the programme. They must be 3-5 mins in length. We are not looking for any particular style or content (though experimental/abstract/ animation may suit well) - the only rule is that the film must be silent and you must be happy for it to be re-scored by an unknown musician. If you are sending in old material, please remove any soundtrack you may have previously added. For this reason, dialogue driven films may not be suitable, but anything you may send will be appreciated and considered. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Phone Sarah on: 07974476149 or Sam on: 07809877350 and arrange to drop off a disc. 

DEADLINE for filmmakers: 21st December

MUSICIANS: This is the perfect project for anyone working ambitiously with sound! We are open to any suggestion you may have and welcome musicians/sound artists of all disciplines.

In particular, we’re keen to explore the more experimental avenues, and to encourage chance encounters between sound and vision.

To register your interest, discuss your ideas and for more information, get in touch with Mike on 07598127559 or Sarah on: 07974476149

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