Wednesday 16 November 2011

Richard Baxter and Dissent - studentships

*Two Fully-funded PhD Studentships** for work on Richard **Baxter,** Edmund Calamy and English Dissent*

An AHRC-funded project to prepare for Oxford University Press the first scholarly edition of Richard Baxter’s /Reliquiae Baxterianae/ (1696) is advertising two associated PhD studentships which represent rare opportunities for fully-funded doctoral study for students with interests in late seventeenth or early eighteenth-century religious, literary, political and/or book history.
The first is an AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award to Dr Williams's Library, London, and the University of Leicester. The successful applicant for this award, jointly supervised by Professor John Coffey and Dr David Wykes, the Director of Dr. Williams’s Library, will undertake work on the Baxter and Calamy papers in Dr Williams' Library and on the role of Calamy in shaping the history of English Dissent. He or she will enjoy considerable scope to research whatever aspects of the Baxter-Calamy tradition they find of most interest. This may include historical scholarship and biographical writing; religious and political ideas; sermons and ministry; networks and lobbying. For further information see:

The second studentship is more closely related to the /Reliquiae Baxterianae/ project, and will be supervised by Professor Neil Keeble of the University of Stirling. It will focus on Calamy's involvement in the preparation and subsequent abridgement of Baxter's /Reliquiae/. The precise scope and emphases of the work will be shaped by the interests and initiative of the successful applicant in consultation with the supervisor. It is expected that the successful applicant will spend their first year in Stirling but thereafter may be based in London where Baxter's manuscripts and other relevant materials are held in Dr. Williams's Library and in the British Library. During this period, he or she will liaise closely with Dr. David Wykes, the Director of Dr. Williams's Library. For further information see:
The deadline for applications is Friday 2 December, with a start-date of 1 January or as soon thereafter as can be arranged. Applicants must meet both the academic and the residency criteria set out in the AHRC’s Guide to Student Funding 2011:
Ordinarily applicants must have completed a relevant master’s degree although, as there is a possibility of a later start date, enquiries from current MA students will be entertained. An interested student is of course free to apply for both studentships.
Further information on the /Reliqu//iae// /project is available on the website of the Dr. Williams’s Centre for Dissenting Studies:

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