Monday 29 November 2010

EAS teach-in, Wednesday, 'Radicalism, literature, culture and the University'

Roscoe Building 1-3 Wednesday afternoon, come for talks, biscuits, and discussions of the beginnings of radical politics, the role of the university, and the importance of writers and artists in supporting struggle and articulating dissidence. Your chance to talk to EAS staff about how they see the ongoing student action, the proposed changes to the University system, and how (and why) we should strive to ensure that the Humanities are protected.

Remember, we want bread, but we want roses, too.

Talks will include:
Robert Spencer - Globalisation and the University
Carolyn Broomhead - Mary Wollstonecraft:  A Vindication of the Rights of Student(s)
Jerome de Groot - History of English Radical Politics - Levellers, Diggers, Ranters, Regicides
David Alderson - Marxism/ Queer tbc
Mike Sanders - Education and Class in the C19th

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