Saturday 27 November 2010

Urban Flotsam at the Martin Harris Centre

                                                                            Urban Flotsam

                                                                The 2010 Studio Production

                         Composed by Michael Mayhew in collaboration with 3rd Year Students / Drama                                                                
                                                                    2nd December  ~ 1900hrs
All Tickets for the Evening Performance are to be
                                               collected from the Martin Harris Centre Main Office.

                                                                First Come First Serve.

                            Durational Performances ~ 31st December ~ 12:00hrs to 18:00hrs
                                                                    1st December ~ 1400hrs to 1700hrs
                                                                    2nd December ~ 1400hrs to 1700hrs

Urban Flotsam is a geographical orchestration of a city and of lives, using the intimate narratives of 11 performers.

These stories based on true moments of time and place have been retraced and weaved through the streets of the City of Manchester, within a process of re-mapping the city with intimacy.

                                         Memories re-invent place, time and landscape.

Whilst travelling through the urban networks we have gathered and collected the debris and wreckage that the urban landscape produces.

The driftwood of lives washed up around us has become our material to produce Urban Flotsam.

Urban Flotsam is a multi-disciplinary performance event that offers a multiple variations of engagement, from the durational to the traditional framing of time within performance to the taking of walks through to the generation of new maps of intimacy, to international participation.

                For more information log on ~

                Join the live streaming of Urban Flotsam on 1st & 2nd December
                From 1830hrs.

Third Year students have worked with John Thaw Fellow, Michael Mayhew for a 10-week period, engaging with a process that is cited as 'provocative, and challenging, it moves and changes people's lives' it's important, significant, and influential.'
                                     Lois Keidan, Director, Live Art Development Agency.

Mayhew is also cited as 'One of the most original and searching artists currently working in the UK.'
John E McGrath, Director, National Theatre of Wales.

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