Sunday 28 November 2010

Introducing Skrap!

Hello all! We are here to inform you about an exciting new performance night, due to launch the week starting the 6th December in Manchester. Our aim is to discover the areas of performance that do not get staged too regularly by opening a night dedicated to them. We are formed of students from Manchester University, but the night is not at all exclusive. We also have an acronym: Skrap! (if you can work it out then praise will be heaped onto you)

The launch night is on the search for performers. There are two parts which you might be interested in:

The Scratch Evening: This is a place where ideas at any stage of development can be shown to a receptive audience, you could even just read something you found interesting and want to discuss. You will be given ten minutes, to pitch, perform or do what you feel, before having the option to open to the floor to the audience, who will duly give feedback. It is open to anything however developed or formative, informality is essential.

Launch Night: Following the first scratch evening, there will be a presentation of mixed performance that will hopefully take place in every nook and cranny of the venue that we inhabit for the evening. We are looking for perhaps: dance, physical theatre, spoken word, storytelling, dance poetry, circus skills, cabaret, theatre, live/performance art, ideas for installations, bands, music, beatboxing, audio performance, mixed media performance, stand up comedy, film, acting, clowning and anything else involving an object in front of an audience. If you can do any of these things (or anything else) or even have an idea, e-mail us and you could perhaps be called on for this or the next Skrap!

If you are interested in performing in either part of the night or involved and helping out, then e-mail:

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