Tuesday 20 September 2011

EAS Research Seminar dates

Speaker, time
5 Oct

Michael Bibler, 4pm

‘Queering Property: Desire, Embodiment, and the Literature of U.S. Slavery’
12 Oct

Postgrad (yr2) panel 1, 1pm

19 Oct
Nick Turner (Manchester/ MMU), 4pm
‘The Literary Prize and the Contemporary Canon' (linked with Booker Prize on 18 Oct)
26 Oct
Critical MASS: Martin Halliwell (Leicester), 4pm
9 Nov
Noelle Gallagher, 4pm
16 Nov

CIDRA: Martin Kemp, 4pm

23 Nov

Helen Freshwater (Newcastle), 4pm

30 Nov

CIDRA letters day including 5pm Mary Beard

7 Dec

Shane Weller (Kent), 4pm

8 Dec

Sascha Bru (Leuven), 4.30

‘The shock of the Now: The Sensory Experience of Time in the Modernist Avant-Gardes’


Followed by a roundtable discussion with Prof Jeremy Tambling (Manchester), Prof Scott McCracken (Keele) and Dr Daniela Caselli (Manchester).      

All papers in the Poetry Centre, A4 Samuel Alexander
All Welcome

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