Friday 30 September 2011

SAHC Student Charter


The School of Arts, Histories and Cultures strives to provide a high quality student experience.  You can expect us to:

·       Treat all students respectfully and equally and never use inappropriate or offensive language or behaviour
·       Ensure that the times of lectures, seminars, and consultation hours are clearly stated and that any changes are advertised in advance
·       Provide you with a student handbook containing all University and programme related regulations, policies and procedures. This information outlines the support available to assist you in your studies.  You will be notified of any updated information through your student e-mail account
·       Provide you with details of your academic advisor during Welcome Week and ensure that you have regular opportunities to meet with them through your academic career
·       Monitor your attendance at timetabled classes and contact you if this falls below programme expectations outlined in your student handbook
·       Provide you with clear guidance on the submission of assessed work and draw your attention to the University policy on academic malpractice
·       Provide you with feedback on assessed coursework within the timeframe outlined in your student handbook
·       Discuss your exam performance with you if you make a request to do so
·       Continue to monitor and encourage feedback on our performance and respond to concerns or complaints promptly
·       Adhere to all University policies and procedures and help you to achieve your full potential

We acknowledge that a high quality student experience can only be achieved in partnership with you, our students. To help us deliver this you are expected to:

·       Treat our staff and fellow students respectfully and equally and never use inappropriate or offensive language or behaviour
  • Ensure that you have received your student handbook and make yourself familiar with the contents and any updated material sent to you
·       Adhere to all University policies and procedures, and follow any advice we give you to help you in your studies, and check your university e-mail account daily during term time
  • Ensure that you meet with your academic advisor as stipulated in the student handbook
  • Take an active part in your learning, and in extra-curricular activities in your subject area
  • Arrive fully prepared at the scheduled times for programme related activities and meetings; and inform us in advance if for any reason you are going to be late or are unable to attend
  • Treat your studies like a full-time job, devoting 40 hours per week to them for each of the 30 weeks of the academic sessions (that is, 200 hours per 20 credit unit)
  • Hand in pieces of assessment on time and turn up to examinations promptly
  • Ensure that you follow School guidelines on submitting assessed work and adhere to the University policy on academic malpractice
  • Inform us as soon as possible of any problems, special needs or any circumstances that may affect your studies or progress
  • Report any concerns or complaints that you have in relation to your experience as a student to your academic advisor or programme director in the first instance
  • Make your views known through your student representative (or by becoming one yourself)

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