Tuesday 20 September 2011

Welcome week schedules - First years

16.00-17.00     PEER MENTOR MEETING                                
17.00-18.00     WELCOME MEETING                           
18.00-20.00     WELCOME PARTY                                           
12-1 General introduction to Academic Development, (DM), Samuel Alexander Lecture Theatre, followed by meetings with tutors.
ACADEMIC ADVISOR MEETINGS – All meetings at 3pm unless otherwise stated.
Group 01:        Dr Jerome de Groot                                         Alexander S.1.16
Group 02:        Prof Laura Doan (E&AS)
Group 03:        Dr Michael Sanders
Group 04:        Dr Alan Rawes
Group 05:        Prof Laura Doan (E&AS)
Group 06:        Dr Liam Harte
Group 07:        Dr Malcolm Hicks
Group 08:        Prof Jeremy Tambling
Group 09:        Prof Patricia Duncker
Group 10:        Mr John McAuliffe
Group 11:        Dr Howard Booth
Group 12:        Prof Patricia Duncker
Group 13:        Dr Roger Holdsworth
Group 14:        Dr Michael Sanders
American Studies: 
Group 1:          Dr Natalie Zacek (H&AS)
Group 2:          Dr Monica Pearl (AS)
Group 3:          Dr Natalie Zacek (H&AS)
Group 4:          Dr Michael Bibler (AS)
Group 5:          Dr Michael Bibler (AS)
Group 6:          Dr Monica Pearl (AS)

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