Wednesday 21 September 2011

History Research Seminars 2011-2012

Semester 1

Thursdays – 4 for 4.15pm 
Room A101, Samuel Alexander


Travel in Print: Wonders, Miscellanies and News Culture 
Clare Pettitt, King’s College London    5th October 
(Please note: this seminar will be on a Wednesday, Room A113)

The Last Argument of the King? Arms, Artillery and Absolutism in
Louis XIV's France
Guy Rowlands, St. Andrew’s      20th October
A Bridge to Salvation or Entrance to the Underworld?: Medieval
Southern Italy and International Pilgrimage
Paul Oldfield, Manchester Metropolitan    10th November 

Illiberal Cosmopolitans and the Early-twentieth Century
William O’Reilly, Cambridge     24th November
Permissiveness on Trial: Sex, Drugs, Rock and the Rolling Stones?
Marcus Collins, Loughborough    8th December

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