Thursday 15 September 2011

Peer Mentoring Scheme (for postgraduates)

The English and American Studies Peer Mentoring Scheme allows for established researchers to mentor or advise newer inductees into the institution and the culture of the University by introducing them to the vibrant research community at Manchester.

The EAS peer mentoring scheme has the following objectives:

· To make a valuable contribution to the research culture within the school, particularly within each discipline area

· To provide more comprehensive peer support for researchers in the school

· To enable mentors to manage the process of research, including the ability to develop sound leadership, coaching and mentoring experience

· To facilitate the opportunity to share knowledge and best practice

· To allow GTAs to share skills, knowledge and resources in each discipline

· To develop opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration, including developing ideas for postgraduate conferences, research methods workshops, reading groups and subject fora.

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