Tuesday 30 July 2013

Reading list for AMER20072 American Film: Theory and Practice

AMER20072 American Film: Theory and Practice


Set Readings

Each week the “Set Reading” is the article or chapter that you must read in advance of class. These readings are all made available to you in the FREE course reading pack. However, all of the following reading is worth looking at and is available to you in the library.  


Peter  Biskind,  “Blockbuster:  The  Last  Crusade”  in  Mark  Crispin  Miller  (ed.),  Seeing  Through  Movies  (New  York:  Pantheon,  1990),  pp.112-149.

Thomas Ellsaesser and Warren Buckland, Studying Contemporary American Films, ch. 2

Geoff  KingSpectacular  Narratives:  Hollywood  in  the  Age  of  the  Blockbuster  (London:  I.B. Taurus,  2000).

Geoff King, New Hollywood Cinema: An Introduction (London:  I.B. Taurus,  2002).

Barbara Klinger, “What is Cinema Today?  Home  Viewing,  New  Technologies  and  DVD”  in  Michael  Hammond  and  Linda  Ruth  Williams  (eds.),  Contemporary  American  Cinema  (Maidenhead:  Open  University  Press,  2006),  pp.356-378.

Peter  Kramer,  “Post-classical  Hollywood”  in  John  Hill & Pamela  Church  Gibson (eds.),  The  Oxford  Guide  to  Film  Studies  (Oxford:  Oxford  University  Press,  1998),  pp.289-309.

Tom Shone, Blockbuster: How Hollywood Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Summer (London: Simon & Schuster, 2004).

Kristin  ThompsonStorytelling  in  the  New  Hollywood  (Cambridge,  MA:  Harvard  University  Press,  1999).

Justin  WyattHigh  Concept:  Movies & Marketing  in  Hollywood  (Austin:  University  of  Texas  Press,  1994).

Richard Barsam, Looking at Movies:  An Introduction to Film (London: Norton, 2007).

David Bordwell & Kristin Thompson, Film Art (London: McGraw-Hill, various editions)

Pam  Cook  &  Mieke  Bernink  (eds.),  The  Cinema  Book  (2nd  Edition)  (London:  BFI,  1999),  pp.98-105.

Susan Hayward, Key Concepts in Cinema Studies (London:  Routledge, 2006).

Richard Maltby, Hollywood Cinema: An Introduction (Oxford: Blackwell, 2003).


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