Tuesday 30 July 2013

Reading list for ENGL32011 Carnival and Tragedy

Carnival and Tragedy – Reading List


Professor Jeremy Tambling


We will be looking at the following texts, which you need to get. There will also be a course hand-book, which I will let you have at the beginning of the term.



1. Euripides: The Bacchae. Oxford, ed. James Morwood ,1999

2. Nietzsche: The Birth of Tragedy. Oxford ed. Douglas Smith, 2008

3. Rabelais: Book 2 (Pantagruel) from Gargantua and Pantagruel, and extracts from Bakhtin, Rabelais and his world. (Use the Penguin edition by Michael Screech, 2006, (the best edition) or, the Donald Frame edition, 1999 (the best modern translation). Examples from Bakhtin will be given in photo-copy. We will also look at Book IV, chapters 29 to 42.

4. Cervantes: Exemplary Stories, i.e: ‘The Glass Graduate’, ‘The Deceitful Marriage’ and ‘The Dialogue of the Dogs’. Use the Oxford edition, ed. Lesley Lipson, 1998.

5. Don Quixote – first part. The translation recommended is the Penguin, by John Rutherford, 2003. Also, read chs. 22-24 of the second part (and anything else you can).

6. ‘The Curious Impertinent’ (chs. 33-35 of part 1 of Don Quixote). Also, Middleton, The Lady’s Tragedy (photocopies will be provided). If you read it in the Revels edition, the play is called The Second Maiden’s Tragedy (ed. Anne Lancashire Manchester University Press 1978).

7. Shakespeare: Much Ado about Nothing, ed. A.R Humphreys, Routledge, 1991 (Arden, Cambridge, ed. F.H. Mares, 2003, or Oxford, ed. Sheldon P. Zitner, 2008)

8. Shakespeare: Henry IV parts 1 and 2 (Arden, or Oxford eds., ed. David Bevington,1998)

9. Shakespeare: Othello (The Arden, ed. E.A.J Honigmann, 1996, or the Oxford, ed. Michael Neill, 2008)

10. Shakespeare: King Lear. (This play exists in two versions, the Quarto (Oxford, ed. Stanley Wells, 2008) and the Folio (Cambridge, ed. Jay L. Halio, 2005), but best to read in the Arden, ed. R.A. Foakes (1997), which combines (questionably) both versions. I shall work from the Foakes edition.

11. Jonson: The Alchemist (New Mermaids, ed. By Elizabeth Cook, 1991 and Manchester University Press, ed. by F.H Mares,1974) and Bartholomew Fair (Manchester University Press, ed. by E. A. Horsman, 1979).

12. Racine: Phèdre, Penguin, trans. John Cairncross. 1964.



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