Tuesday 30 July 2013

Reading list for AMER30772 Cities of Dreadful Delight

Preliminary Reading Suggestions for AMER30772: Cities of Dreadful Delight

University of Manchester

Dr Natalie Zacek

Autumn 2013



The reading list below is intended to allow you, if you choose, to get a head-start on preparing for this module. You are not required, or expected, to have read all, or any, of the texts listed below prior to the beginning of the module. All of the items listed below, unless otherwise indicated, are available via the JRUL’s e-journals (NOT via Google).


Georg Simmel, “The Metropolis and Mental Life” (


Roy Rosenzweig, “Middle-Class Parks and Working-Class Play: The Struggle Over Recreational Space in Worcester, Massachusetts, 1870-1910,” Radical History Review 21 (1979): 31-46


Arnold R. Hirsch, “Massive Resistance in the Urban North: Trumbull Park, Chicago, 1953-1966,” Journal of American History 82 (1995): 522-550


Susan G. Davis, “’Making Night Hideous’: Christmas Revelry and Public Order in Nineteenth-Century Philadelphia,” American Quarterly 34 (1982): 185-199


Peter C. Baldwin, “In the Heart of Darkness: Blackouts and the Social Geography of Lighting in the Gaslight Era,” Journal of Urban History 30 (2004): 749-768


Robert  Self, “’To Plan Our Liberation’: Black Power and the Politics of Place in Oakland, California, 1965-1977,” Journal of Urban History 26 (2000): 756-792


Timothy J. Gilfoyle, “Street-Rats and Gutter-Snipes: Child Pickpockets and Street Culture in New York City, 1850-1900,” Journal of Social History 37 (2004): 853-882


Patricia Cline Cohen, “Unregulated Youth: Masculinity and Murder in the 1830s City,” Radical History Review 52 (1992): 33-52


Elizabeth Fraterrigo, “The Answer to Suburbia: Playboy’s Urban Lifestyle,” Journal of Urban History 34 (2008): 747-774


Huping Ling, “’Hop Alley’: Myth and Reality of the St. Louis Chinatown, 1860-1930,” Journal of Urban History 28 (2002): 184-219


Gabriela F. Arredondo, “Navigating Ethno-Racial Currents: Mexicans in Chicago, 1919-1939,” Journal of Urban History 30 (2004): 399-427


Steven Maynard, “’Without Working?: Capitalism, Urban              Culture, and Gay History,” Journal of Urban History 30 (2004): 378-398


Bryant Simon, “New York Avenue: The Life and Death of Gay     Spaces  in Atlantic City, New Jersey, 1920-1990,” Journal of Urban History 28              (2002): 300-327


“Review Essay: Historicizing the City of Angels,” American Historical Review 105 (2000): 1667-1691


Some more general histories of the city:

Peter Hall, Cities in Civilisation

Andrew Lees, Cities Perceived: Urban Society in European and American Thought, 1820-1940

Lewis Mumford, The City in History

Richard Sennett, Flesh and Stone: The Body and the City

Alan Waterhouse, Boundaries of the City: The Architecture of Western Urbanism


Histories of the American city:

Gunther Barth, City People: The Rise of Modern City Culture in 19th-Century America

Robert A. Beauregard, Voices of Decline: The Postwar Fate of U.S. Cities

Thomas Bender, Toward an Urban Vision: Ideas and Institutions in Nineteenth-Century America

Jane Jacobs, The Death and Life of Great American Cities

Eric H. Monkkonen, America Becomes Urban: The Development of U.S. Cities and Towns, 1780-1980

John William Reps, The Making of Urban America



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